Members Architectural Review Information

ARC Meetings:
The ARC meets on the second Thursday of each month at 8pm in the Clubhouse. Applications are due the Monday before the meeting. Applications received after the deadline and walk-ins cannot be assured success, or even review, at the next meeting as the ARC has a duty to investigate each application before the meeting.

Keys to success:
Please ensure that all fields in the ARC application are complete and all required information is included. Incomplete applications will result in a delays, possibly even pushing the application to the next month’s meeting.

About the Architectural Review Committee:
The ARC plays an incredibly important role in The Sanctuary. ARC approval is required for changes or improvements such as roofs, paint, landscaping, pools, screen enclosures, solar panels, etc.

The ARC welcomes ideas that allow Members to express individual preferences, while seeking a balance between what has been and what will be. We are absolutely open to amending our Community Standards and encourage Members to participate in the process. While not every proposed idea will result in an automatic “Yes”, careful consideration will be given so Members should not expect an automatic “No” either. Ultimately, the Community Standards rule our actions.

For example, we may choose to revisit paint, but we’re not going anywhere near South Beach pastels. Earth tones will dominate over vibrant, electric, or cool tones to maintain the harmonious streetscape we enjoy today.

Regarding applications, these are some of the common obstacles:

  • Paint applications that specify “same as current.” Please visit the Clubhouse office and view the 14 body colors and 9 trim colors in the current palette to make a precise request.
  • Paint colors requested are off the color palette.
  • Paint is the same as or close to your neighbors. The Guidelines uphold a declined request when side and opposing neighbor homes are a color close to the proposed color, not only exact matches.
  • Fence applications that do not include a plot plan showing where the fence will be placed.
  • Structural applications that do not include a plot plan showing the overall footprint of the new construction.
  • Pool applications that lack layouts, color details, and manufacturer photos of chosen materials typically provided during the pool vendor sales process.

It is the firm commitment of the ARC to enable homeowners to create value in their properties, and we not only welcome your input, we encourage it. Please join us the second Thursday of each month and share in our goals.