Members Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Current office hours can be found here.
  1. Check the calendar to see if your date is available.
  2. Read the Amenity Center Rules.
  3. Read, complete, and sign the Clubhouse Rental Agreement.*
  4. Drop off the rental agreement with your $200 deposit (check only) to the Clubhouse.
  5. Ensure the space is cleaned according to the rental agreement.
  6. Provided there was no damage, refunds on deposits should be received within 1-2 weeks of the party.

*Please note, if you are a renter, the property owner (not the management company) must complete the rental agreement on your behalf. Party reservations are limited to one inside party and one outside party per day. No exceptions.

You must visit the Clubhouse office during regularly scheduled hours. More information on access cards can be found here.

The ARC meets on the 2nd Thursday of each month at the Clubhouse. Meetings begin at 8pm. Regular board of directors meetings are held the 4th Tuesday of each month at the Clubhouse. Open forum begins at 6:30pm and the meeting will be called to order no later than 7pm. Members are welcome and encouraged to attend any and all meetings. More information about the board, committees, and management can be found here.

Please visit the Architectural Review section of the website.
Information on roofing shingles can be found here and color books are available at the Clubhouse office and at Sherwin-Williams, 200 Alafaya Woods Blvd, Oviedo FL 32765 407-359-6999. 

Please note that ARC applications are required for all paint/roof replacements, even if using the same colors/shingles.

There are a few options for Mailbox replacement:

  • Please respond to the Courtesy Letter.

Clarification and detail surrounding the notice is your right. Most violations are photographed, and the manager will discuss the violation, the restriction, and guide to the easiest path of completion.

  • Realize that the association is reasonable.

Some conditions take time to rectify. The Association is not going to compel re-sodding in January. If you have special circumstances, write the association with a plan and completion date.  Standards are uniformly applied, but case-by case resolution is available.

  • Realize that it is not personal.

The Association is obligated to enforce its restrictions.  This is not a personal comment on an individual’s home, but a community standard that all homes are expected to meet.

Some common misunderstandings:

  • My neighbor has the issue so I don’t have to address it.”

They likely have a courtesy notice as well.  Consistent, uniform, non-selective enforcement is your right and expectation.

  • It has been this way for a long time.”

From time to time, a violation may be unobserved. Or, perhaps management or the board has changed. The Association does not waive its rights to enforce its covenants.

  • This rule is silly.”

The Association is obligated to enforce the rule regardless of its opinion of whether the rule has merit. Arcane or “out of touch” rules may be brought to the board’s attention for review and potential change.

  • The board is after me.”

The board is distanced from enforcement. Sanctuary documents mandate the formation of a Covenant Enforcement Committee, which must be populated with non-board members. This committee operates independently from the board. Also, the monthly compliance drives are performed by management.

If you have any further questions, then please do write management:  We work with members, not against them, for a positive outcome.

The Sanctuary has held in place a bulk-monitoring agreement to provide landline-based monitoring of installed security systems. This service is included with your assessments. Over the years, this service has been provided by Guardian, Devcon, and ADT. As of October 2015, the current provider is Security Pro of Florida. Your action is required to initiate association-supported alarm monitoring service. Please contact Security Pro (866-961-7649) to schedule your initial service visit. There is NO CHARGE for this visit.

  1. If your system is operational, it will be reprogrammed to connect to the new monitoring station at the initial visit.
  2. If your system requires repair, that will be identified and itemized on the initial visit.
    • Minor repair items will be addressed during the initial service visit. Members are responsible for the cost of the repair parts.
    • Major repair will be diagnosed and itemized during the initial service visit. Members will need to reschedule with Security Pro to allow sufficient time for repair.
  3. For Members desiring new technology or improved coverage, discounted pricing has been contracted.

Sanctuary residents are subject to City of Oviedo rules, which can be found here.

In short, no. There is a city ordinance in place that requires a permit (though there are exceptions for religious groups, non-profits, etc.). If a solicitor shows up to your home and cannot produce a solicitor’s license, please call OPD at 407-971-5700.
We know this is frustrating, however, the association cannot prohibit the use of a public right of way. Our streets are covered by city ordinance and/or state statute, both of which supersede lowly HOA documents. Actual violations (blocking sidewalks, parking too close to stop signs/fire hydrants, etc.) can be called into OPD (407-971-5700) and are enforceable.
According to OPD, the majority of speeders stopped in the community are residents. The Association does pay for off-duty patrols, but they obviously aren’t able to be in multiple places at once. If you witness speeding or unsafe driving, please call OPD at 407-971-5700 or send an email to Please be sure to include time, location, description of car, license plate, and any other information that may be helpful. This will assist OPD in better targeting their patrols to keep our community safe.

Streetlights are not the property of the HOA. The most effective and quickest way to remedy this is to:

  • jot down the pole number (little vertical yellow number at eye level, sometimes 9 digits, sometimes 11)
  • Then contact FPL via phone 800-226-3545, then 1, and 1 again then 3, or complete the FPL web form to report this outage.

The City of Oviedo is responsible for sidewalk repair/replacement. The process typically takes 3-4 months to remedy. Please contact City of Oviedo Public Works at 407-971-5668 to report the issue.

  • Wednesday – trash and recycling
  • Thursday – yard waste
  • Bulk – Republic Services 407-293-8000 or complete the web form. You must make prior arrangements for bulk waste pickup.

To report a nuisance alligator, please call the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission’s Statewide Nuisance Alligator Program’s Hotline 866-FWC-GATOR (866-392-4286). Further information on the program can be found here.